Reconvert vs AOVboost: Which Upsell App Is Better for Shopify Plus?

Cross-sells and upsells are one of the easiest ways to increase your store’s average order value (AOV). They help get your customers to spend more by adding value to their existing choices without being pushy. 

ReConvert and AOVboost are two Shopify apps that help you increase your store’s AOV with high-converting cross-sells and upsells. But both take a different approach to how they recommend products.

Here’s a quick overview of ReConvert vs AOVboost:

  • ReConvert shows offers either before the checkout through popups or after the checkout. The timing of these offers may require customers to think through before opting in and it requires a conscious decision from the customer.
  • AOVboost shows upsell or cross-sell offers right on the checkout page while they are about to complete their payment form. This gives customers the chance to add additional products on impulse if the offer is properly designed. When the customer takes the offer, the product is added to the existing cart and the order total changes instantly.

Let’s take a closer look at ReConvert and AOVboost and see how they compare.

ReConvert vs AOVboost — Quick Comparison

Look and feel customizationYou can customize the look and feel of the offers to make them stand out or look like part of the website layout with easy customization options.Allows customization of the thank you page and popups to make the offers stand out
Offer customizationCreate offers that show only for specific products or categoriesCreate post-purchase offers for your store based on products that a customer purchased (post-purchase) or pages that they’re browsing (pre-purchase)
Offer type choicesYou can display upsells, cross-sells, or discounted products at checkout.Allows upsells and downsells on pre- and post-purchase pages.
Cart value thresholdAutomatically display offers on checkout when the total cart value meets a thresholdReConvert does not offer this feature
Automatic offer end datesSet offers to automatically end on specified dates so you can rest assured that customers cannot buy beyond the set offer dates.ReConvert does not offer this feature
Checkout upsellsSince AOVboost is a Shopify Plus app, it helps you design offers right on your store’s checkout page—where the chance of conversion is highReConvert does not offer this feature
Post-purchase upsellsAOVboost does not offer post-purchase upsells as the app is focused on improving checkout upsells. ReConvert is designed for pre- and post-purchase upsells and can be a great choice if that’s what you need.
AOVboost vs ReConvert – Which is the best Shopify checkout upsell and cross-sell app

Differences between ReConvert and AOVboost for Shopify 

Let’s compare both the apps for the different functions they offer for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. 

Layout customization

Both ReConvert and AOVboost offer layout customization. But since both the apps display offers at different times during the customer’s buying process, they have different options. 

AOVboost offers customization for the individual offers that you want to display. This ensures that your offers stand out and grab the customer’s attention when they’re about to complete the payment form.

You can customize the colors, text, and button styles, and add custom titles and subheadings as required. 

ReConvert offers complete thank you page customization since it is designed to intercept the default payment flow on Shopify. It allows you to create a custom page between the cart and the payments page giving you an opportunity to upsell or downsell to customers. 

If you have the standard Shopify store, you can only do pre- and post-purchase upsells so ReConvert may be a better option. 

However, if you’re a Shopify Plus user, it makes sense to leverage the added checkout customizability that Plus users get. AOVboost helps you with just that without any technicalities. 

Offer types

The type of offer you display will decide the conversion rates. 

AOVboost allows you to choose between showing a product at full price, for free based on certain conditions, or at a discount. You can choose an existing product or have a unique product where the offer discount can or cannot be combined with additional discount codes. 

ReConvert has an option to automatically display recommendations from multiple sources including Shopify’s own recommendation system. This section can be added on the post-purchase page allowing customers to browse through more products right after they’re done shopping.

Offer customization

Once the offers are created, you want to be able to change the look and feel of the offer. This allows us to grab more eyeballs and improve our conversion rate. 

With AOVboost, you can change what’s written inside the offer display including the subheading and the pricing by including discounts.

Along with that, you can also change the colors of the offer box so that every time the offer is shown, it automatically stands out from the rest of your checkout page. 

ReConvert offers a drag-and-drop thank-you page builder, that you can use to design an entire page as you do with the Shopify page designer.

This helps you have full control over the page and choose what elements are placed in which section on the page. 

Cart value triggers

You may notice some stores offer you discounts or free shipping when you meet a certain cart value. This is done with the help of cart value triggers. 

AOVboost offers an option to add the minimum cart value to your offers. Based on the value, the offer is then automatically displayed to specific customers instead of displaying it to every customer on your store. 

You can also add discounts to these offers which can or cannot be combined with other discount coupons. 

ReConvert does not have such options as the offers are displayed either before or after the purchase has been made. 

Auto-end offers

If you are someone who likes to batch their work and create assets in advance, this feature is for you. With AOVboost, you can create offers that automatically expire at a certain date. 

This lets you create your marketing campaigns without worrying about having to turn off the discounts or upsells after the offer ends. 

Since ReConvert does not offer such upsells, the automatic expiration feature is not available here. 

Upsell at Checkout

Showing your upsell offers at checkout requires you to be on Shopify Plus. This is because checkout customization is only available with Shopify Plus stores. 

AOVboost is designed for Shopify Plus stores and only does checkout upsells. If you want to take advantage of this and many other exclusive features reserved for larger stores, you can consider checking out Shopify Plus. 

ReConvert is designed for standard Shopify stores and hence cannot display offers on the checkout page. If you’re just starting out, this may be all you need for getting started with upselling on Shopify. 

But as you scale up and grow in revenue, the added advantage of Shopify Plus features can be a great way to earn more from your store.


AOVboost has a single plan — $249 per month. It includes unlimited offers, customizable offer templates, access to all features, and detailed analytics and reporting on the Shopify dashboard. 

ReConvert starts free for stores that have fewer than 50 orders (overall) per month. You can upgrade to the $7.99 per month plan once you exceed the monthly order limit. It also charges a 0.75% commission on the revenue generated via the app on all paid plans. 

ReConvert Reviews

I used this app to increase my AOV, when the customer has already bought, he will probably buy again. I barely got on the app the customer support immediately set up my thank you page for conversions. Extremely helpful. Fully recommend this app. 

This app has helped us generate an extra 8k a month. Support is excellent and fast. The only downside is not combining orders but totally worth it!

It’s a good app. Couldn’t really make it to upsell but I guess it’s good. The designing and editing are a bit difficult though.

AOVboost Reviews

AOVboost is super easy to use – was a breeze to install and get started, and a great way to see some additional revenue ASAP. Obvious winner for us and pays for itself in no time. — BABOON TO THE MOON

Worth every penny. This app pays for itself.. Immediately added 10% to our AOV. I’ve recommended it to every store owner I know! — Switch Research

Good looking checkout upsell app with a good amount of customization available to you in how you set the offers up. The team is super responsive to questions – they’ve helped me out on a few occasions. And we’re able to get conversion rates in the high single digits. So the app more than pays for itself. Highly recommend! — Sunsoil

Choose the right upsell and cross-sell app for your Shopify store

Upselling is one of the highly profitable ecommerce strategies that every Shopify store should use. It provides value to customers and gets them to buy more products without being pushy. 

ReConvert and AOVboost are both great for upselling and cross-selling on Shopify. But they both have different features that make them better suited for different types of stores. If you are a Shopify Plus store owner, AOVboost is the better choice as it offers checkout upsells which can help you increase your AOV significantly. This more seamless integration with the checkout page makes it a profitable partner for your high-sales Shopify Plus business.

Try AOVboost, the best checkout upsell app for Shopify Plus stores

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