AfterSell Alternatives: 5 Stellar Options to Increase your Average Order Value

aftersell alternatives

AfterSell is an excellent Shopify upsell app for post-purchase upsells. It offers multiple features that you may need to get your customers to purchase more. But it’s only useful if you want post-purchase upsells. 

If alternatively, you want to upsell on the Shopify checkout page, or before the customer has made their purchase decision, Aftersell will not do the job. 

So if you’re in the market for an Aftersell alternative that allows you to upsell on the checkout page or product page, this article is for you. 

What is AfterSell?

AfterSell is a powerful post-purchase upsell tool that allows store owners to increase their average order value by showing a series of 1-click offers to customers after they have completed their initial purchase.

With AfterSell, there is no need for customers to re-enter payment information or go through checkout again, which makes it an extremely effective way to boost conversions and sales. Additionally, store owners can customize the design of the upsell page to match their brand, and use countdown timers, images, and unlimited text copy to better justify why customers need the product.

In addition to post-purchase upsells, Aftersell also allows store owners to modify the thank you page (order confirmation page) with reviews, FAQs widgets, and more in order to reduce buyer’s remorse and start reconverting shoppers into lifetime customers.

Top AfterSell Alternatives for Upselling on Shopify and Shopify Plus

But if you do not like the post-purchase-only upsell funnels that Aftersell has, you can consider some of the alternatives below depending on your needs.

1. AOVboost

AOVBoost is a powerful Shopify checkout upsell app. It allows you to increase your average order value by cross-selling complementary products during checkout. You can customize your offer products from your store, and control the discount amount and date range. 

AOVBoost gives you complete control over how and when an offer is displayed to customers on the checkout page — the place where they’re ready to make the purchase.  

AOVboost Reviews 

Simple to install, launched our first offer in less than 5 minutes, and generated over $10k in additional revenue for us in the first month. If you’re not using AOVboost you’re

BoomBoom Naturals

AOVboost is super easy to use – was a breeze to install and get started, and a great way to see some additional revenue ASAP. Obvious winner for us and pays for itself in no time.


You can also design your offers to match brand style. But do note, AOVBoost only works for Shopify Plus stores. If your store hasn’t been upgraded to Plus yet, you may find other OrderBump alternatives which fulfill some of your requirements.

Key Features

  • Custom checkout upsells allow you to grab the attention of your customers right when they’re about to complete the purchase.
  • Fully customizable upsell and cross-sell offer boxes giving you the choice to match the boxes with your existing styles or make them stand out 
  • Option to add a free “Gift with Purchase” at checkout
  • The ability to upsell products based on the value of the cart will help you show different offers automatically when a minimum amount of cart value is met.
  • Want to set a discount for a few days? Set a date range for your offer to show up and AOVBoost will take care of the rest
  • Add custom discounts to your upsell offers thus increasing conversions and making more sales.


AOVboost has one plan — $249/month. It offers unlimited access to all the revenue-generating features to improve AOV and increase store conversions. 


  • Easy to install and set up — Simply install the app and you’re ready to get started upselling.
  • Make offers look like they’re part of the checkout page with complete control over the look and feel.
  • Allow the addition of upsold products with a single click so customers can complete their purchases right away.
  • Offer discounts on products that are upsold without installing more apps or needing support.
  • Set the discounts and offers to automatically trigger on specific dates or date ranges so you can create all your offers upfront.
  • Works with all Shopify themes.


  • Shopify Plus only as the checkout customization is currently limited to these upgraded stores.

2. ReConvert

ReConvert is a great upselling app that helps Shopify merchants boost their sales and average order value. With ReConvert, you can easily create personalized one-click upsell offers, cross-sell bundles, and post-purchase funnels that maximize your revenue. 

Additionally, ReConvert comes with built-in optimization features such as thank you page customization, social media integration, and customer segmentation that help you outshine your competition. 

Key features

  • One-click upsells allow you to create a post-purchase upsell that customers can directly add to their cart and complete checkout — no friction.
  • AI-product recommendation engine for personalized offers
  • Customize your thank you page into a revenue-generating section with upsells, cross-sells, pop-up discounts, upsell product recommendations & urgency timers.
  • Add personalized videos to make an amazing impression on new & returning customers & nudge them to recover cart
  • Collect customer birthdays & sync with your existing email marketing tools to send brand-boosting offers


Reconvert starts free for up to 49 monthly orders. Stores with 50+ orders can start at $7.99/month, with a 0.75% of generated revenue fee. The prices go up to $799/month depending on your monthly orders. 


  • Offers a customizable cart and upsell offers page right from within the Shopify dashboard.
  • Minimal setup — users only need to install the app and set up the template to get started 
  • Provides an AI-powered product recommendation engine for personalized offers to shoppers.
  • Has a free plan for new Shopify stores that want to test the app
  • Customer service is helpful and has the technical know-how to assist with issues arising with the app


  • Some titles and fields have the wrong colors or sizes and this cannot be overridden using custom CSS via theme.css.liquid
  • Does not offer pre-purchase upsells and can only work on thank-you pages.

3. UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is a checkout upsell app only for Shopify Plus stores. It helps merchants increase their Average Order Value (AOV) by offering custom-designed upsells on the checkout page. 

UpsellPlus is easy to set up and use, and it offers a wide range of customization options to match offers to your store’s theme and style. You can also use ShopBrain, UpsellPlus’ AI engine, to automatically recommend the best upsell funnels for your store.

Key features

  • Custom design
  • Smart rules & ShopBrain AI
  • Multi-language and multi-currency for international Plus stores
  • Optimized for mobile and desktop 
  • Performance Dashboards and Analytics


UpsellPlus checkout starts at $49/month for the launch plan for up to $500 in monthly upsell revenue. The highest tier at $299/month offers unlimited upsell revenue.


  • Full customizability on how the upsells look and feel on your post-purchase pages helps you match them to your website’s design
  • Automatically recommend products for upsells through ShopBrain AI, making the process of creating upsells much easier.
  • Optimized for mobile devices so even your mobile visitors can see the same upsell as your desktop ones
  • Performance dashboards and analytics to track how well your upsell campaigns are performing.


  • Limited to Shopify plus stores for its checkout customizability 
  • Can be difficult to install as users require support help to get started.

4. OrderBump

Orderbump is a one-click upsell app that helps merchants increase their average order value through checkout and post-purchase cross-sells and upsells. With an easy setup and flat monthly pricing, there are no percentages of sales taken – making it a great way to boost store revenue.

It takes just a few minutes to create your offer products to display to your customers, and can be set to target specific products that they already have in their carts and orders. Orderbump integrates with ReCharge, Skio, Bold Subscription, Shop Pay, and all Shopify subscription or checkout apps that utilize the Shopify checkout.

Key features

  • Cross-sell and upsell offers with targeting enabled to allow you to only show offers to those who would find them relevant
  • Lots of customization options so the offers do not look out of place
  • One-click in-checkout upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchase upsells  to enable easy checkout for those who opt into the offer

OrderBump Pricing 

Orderbump starts at $39/month for standard Shopify stores and offers post-purchase upsells. You can go for the $139/month plan for Shopify Plus stores that adds checkout upsells. 


  • Order Bump has great cross-selling and upselling features that can help increase your average order value.
  • You can test and optimize your upsells with built-in A/B testing, and track your results with detailed analytics.
  • Orderbump allows you to offer additional products or services to your customers at checkout, increasing your average order value. 
  • Customizable checkout offer placement makes it easy to prioritize which bumps to show up first when you have multiple upsells


  • Setting up Orderbump can be difficult for those without a technical background. You need to follow the installation process that requires you to add snippets of code within your Shopify liquid files. 
  • The upsell boxes can look out of place with the lack of design customization.

5. UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle

Upsell Funnel Engine is a simple-to-use upsells, bundles, or quantity breaks app. It travels along with the customer journey while recommending products along the way, which results in a satisfied customer and increased revenue. 

This is achieved by offering products in the form of bundles, upsells, or quantity discounts at key points during the customer’s purchase journey, such as on the product page, cart page, thank you page (post-purchase), homepage, collection pages, and during checkout. Upsell Funnel Engine also provides store owners with real-time analytics reports so they can see which offers are performing best and generate more revenue. 

Key features

Upsell Funnel Engine offers the perfect opportunity to increase revenue by allowing you to give irresistible personalized recommendations with discounted upsell, sweet upsell bundles, or quantity breaks (quantity discount, tiered pricing) without leaving the product purchase flow.

  • Create product bundles upsell with optional downsells in the one-click upsell funnels 
  • Split test upsell offers like product bundles and identity which offers perform better and give more revenue 
  • Showcase product upsell as a popup or integrated into a specific page 
  • Language translations support out-of-the-box 
  • Customized mini cart is integrated into the upsell offer window
  • Set last-minute countdown timers to upsell funnel offers
  • Analyze the performance of each sweet upsell offer in the funnel


Upsell Funnel Engine starts free for up to 50 orders per month and goes over $249 per month for up to 100,000 monthly orders.


  • Upsell Funnel Engine gives personalized recommendations with discounted upsell, sweet upsell bundles, or quantity breaks without leaving the product purchase flow.
  • Split test upsells offers like product bundles and identity which offers perform better and give more revenue.
  • Allows creating upsells on the product page, cart page, thank you page (post-purchase), homepage, collection, and checkout upsells.
  • Real-time analytics reports of the upsell and cross-sell performance


  • There is a learning curve in understanding how to use the app and create effective upsell funnel offers. It requires you to have enough information about how funnels work and what your customers might like.
  • The app is not currently compatible with all Shopify themes.

Choose the best AfterSell alternative for improved sales and profits

Aftersell is a great app but you may want to go beyond just post-purchase upsells. On Shopify, you can upsell on product pages and in the cart for more potential conversions. 

And on a Shopify Plus store, you can use AOVboost to upsell on the checkout page — right when a customer is filling out the payment form to complete their purchase. If you do not have a Shopify Plus store, the other Aftersell alternatives on this list can be great to choose from.

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